Chantelle Fraser

CEO LeadSquared Africa

We have not had the opportunity to meet in person which I hope we can change but I wanted to share a small part of my story with you, so you always remember that we have a global leading solution right here on our doorstep now, backed by a phenomenal team, without the budgets that our big competitors do but we make an amazing team to work with and hopefully when you look for a Sales Execution CRM and Marketing Automation Platform, we could be considered.

LeadSquared is like having a Salesforce, Mailchimp and HubSpot with powerful process automations in one platform. It really is magic, and the best part is that we integrate with any CRM which enables us to add our powerful marketing automation and much needed features to your existing CRM.

My dream was to be in a position where we could offer our local market access to a Global Leading Sales & Marketing Automation platform that they could pay for in South African Rands with the support of a team that knows how business is done here so in November 2019 I flew with two of my shareholders to Bangalore to negotiate what would be the best deal of my career (this far).

LeadSquared was founded by Nilesh Patel, Prashant Singh and Sudhakar Gorti in 2011. I had been following their progress since 2013 and I wanted to sell this solution in Africa. This is the picture we took after we signed our deal after 4 grueling days of negotiations.

From left: Dimple Razdan, Iain Banner, Chantelle Fraser, Prashant Singh, Nilesh Patel, Sridhar Sampat, Graham Paterson

I was incredibly blessed and flew back to South Africa with a deal that made me responsible for Sales Distribution for Africa on an exclusive basis (which I obviously must work hard to keep). So, guns were blazing in early 2020 and then we were all hit hard by COVID, but we kept pushing ahead.

We work with clients in the Retail, Financial Services, Education, Travel, Automotive, Retail amongst other sectors across the globe and have helped them all achieve phenomenal results and importantly helped our clients sleep much better at night.

In a nutshell, we sell sales efficiencies.

Why? So, our clients can attract their ideal customers, so they can sell more, sell faster and generate more revenue.

We use our LeadSquared Software Automation to take care of keeping our clients, customers happy and prospects nurtured so our clients can do more with less resources.

As a result, our clients get to increase their revenue by 40%, increase lead to sale conversions by 35%, reduce turn-around-times by 61% and gain process improvements of 70% +.

I am looking for businesses who want to get rid of the tedious mundane work that bogs them down everyday and want to transform they way they do sales and marketing.

Chantelle Fraser

Mobile: 071 300 9435 |

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