The LeadSquared story started back in 2012, when we found that businesses were using multiple tools to run their marketing, lead generation and sales operations and struggled to get all these tools to work together. With all the data scattered across multiple tools, it was hard and very tedious to get meaningful and actionable insights.

LeadSquared wanted to build an easy-to-use yet powerful software solution that would help any business that needed to generate sales streamline their sales and marketing operations.

What do we do at LeadSquared?

We build truly connected, empowered and self-reliant sales organizations, with the power of automation.

LeadSquared solves the sales challenges for high lead-volume, high sales-velocity businesses as they typically have multiple sales channels and sales teams. LeadSquared ensures high sales efficiency across all these channels, teams and individuals by removing all guesswork from the sales professionals life.

High-velocity sales is a multi-touch process, with multiple channels – online, offline, self-service, partners, call-centers, field sales, operations and all other teams that are involved in making one sale. LeadSquared helps all these teams and channels sell smart and fast while providing an exceptional customer experience.

The LeadSquared platform spans over four main areas which are digital sales, call center sales, customer journey builder and field force automation. LeadSquared has deep industry knowledge in the verticals we serve and we are really good at delivering a ready-to-use solution across industries and purpose-built for our clients specific needs.

As an example, higher education institutions want their student application process automated, and they use our admissions portal to achieve that.

EdTech businesses have a high lead volume, and fast sales cycles so they rely on LeadSquareds student tracking capabilities, prioritization and automation to stay ahead of the pace.

Lending businesses have high lead volume, and need fast sales cycles so they rely on LeadSquareds loan application portal to ensure they open for business 24/7 so they can attract high quality borrowers and disburse loans faster than they could without LeadSquared.

Insurance businesses have high lead volumes, need to increase their sales cycles so they can reduce response times and sell more policies and very importantly increase renewal rates and retain existing customers using LeadSquared’s lead nurturing capabilities.

We currently serve over 1,000 customers worldwide across different high sales-velocity segments such as Insurance, Banking, EdTech, Higher Education, Lending, Real Estate, Automotive, Healthcare, Ecommerce businesses, tech-based marketplaces, to name a few.

Since March 2020 when COVID started wreaking havoc across businesses all over the world. One trend that everyone saw across, all verticals, is that businesses were forced to adapt to digital operations very fast, even businesses that have traditionally been resistant to digitization. The trend has continued and businesses still have continued requirements for better connected, digital, end-to-end sales processes and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

In this world of cut-throat competition, if a sales representative is a millisecond late in identifying a possible lead or failing to close a deal, it would lead to a loss for the enterprise and so at LeadSquared we are completely committed to serving businesses to enable them to mitigate these risks.

Our customers have seen an average increase in sales by 40%, been able to achieve zero lead leakage, increased closure rates by 20 to 30% and reduced time to close sales by almost 30%.

LeadSquared is available to all organizations on the African continent with the added bonus that we have a local team with local business knowledge and we charge in South African Rands so when you think about CRM, Lead Management, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation, Field Force Management, explore LeadSquared.

Download the Spec Sheet Here:

+27 71 300 9435


My team and I look after LeadSquared Africa.

We make it possible for local businesses to deploy global-leading sales and marketing automation software at competitive rates supported by local support right here in South Africa.

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