If you asked most people that know me or have had some engagement with me would probably tell you that I am confident.

That is far from the truth. I like most people also have self-limiting beliefs like most of us have but I work on them every day. Some days are much easier than others, but I am confident when it comes to talking about something I am knowledgeable about or something I absolutely believe in and one of those things is about how our solution helps our clients.

I consider myself to be someone who has a lot to offer the world, but I am not entirely sure about the how in the now every time– but I do believe I don’t have to worry about the how, so I just focus on the very clear vision I have.

Like most of you, I still must put in serious hours of hard slog everyday to grow our business.

I am not very comfortable talking about myself or my own struggles, so this is completely out of my comfort zone. I decided to grow a set of balls and share this in the hope it would help some of you step out of your comfort zone and do something brave.

I have always found myself in industries where competition is rife and getting a decision makers attention is not easy.

I am not a CEO running a Top 500 company, but I still have a big load to deal with and I have to put a lot of effort into ensuring I deal with what is important and not get distracted by the 8672 emails in my inbox waiting for a response.

My focus is to build a phenomenal team that will be able to give our clients (who we still hunt for everyday) a world-class experience and off the chart results, when they decide to work with us.

I started my business in 2013 and I feel like we have been in start-up mode since then because we have had to pivot and adapt to stay relevant since then and I may be the CEO but I am also the Business Development person.

The clients I want to serve have way more on their plate than I have.

I have always been in Sales & Marketing and one of the things I despise the most about being in sales is the administrative burden. As a salesperson, we hate, absolutely hate updating countless reports, CRMs and everything else because there is always someone who has never sold a thing in their life that gives you a new sales process you must follow with another 20 reports to update. 

I decided many years ago that I would make being in sales fun for me and so I did, and I still do.

So I wanted to share a story with you….

In May I was sitting with Devashen who heads up our Implementation Team for Africa and we talking about what cars we were going to buy – when we big. 🙂

I said I would buy a Nissan GTR because its not a Porsche or a Lambo but its an absolute beast. 408KW and 632Nm with 4 seats and its beautiful.

As we sat and continued I googled the Nissan GTR 2021 specs and I read …..

The Nissan GT-R, a singular supercar, so intuitive anyone can drive it. So capable it can be driven anytime, anywhere. An unmatched blend of technology and soul.

As soon as I read that I felt a connection between the Nissan GT-R and LeadSquared (our solution and my team) and realized that our software also breaks rules and shatters records but any size company can use and afford our solution.

Well, a few minutes later, I logged onto Takealot and ordered 10 Nissan GT-R model cars.

This is what I could see as the result……

About us

We grabbed some sticky post-its, scissors and a pen and wrote down the 5 problems we solve that have the biggest impact for our clients and we pimped our Nissan GT-R’s that had not arrived yet.

So we ended up with 10 model cars that looked amazing….

You can download the spec sheet I created here: https://bit.ly/3yUYeWH

I carefully identified 10 CEO’s of companies I wanted to send one of our model cars to with a very personal letter that I wrote myself. (That took the most time).

We then couriered the model car with the personal letter to the 10 CEO’s we were hoping we would get an opportunity to meet and talk with.

Then you sit and wait…..

Two days later, we got an email from one of the CEO;s Personal Assistants to thank us for the parcel but they don’t need our services.

And then nothing, until 14 days later…..

I got a call from the Personal Assistant of a CEO who I admire greatly. The call came in at 6h43 in the morning. I was in the middle of my morning meditation and got such a fright I lost one of my earphones but the phone rang again, and I answered. It must be urgent if someone calls you twice at that time of the morning.

The Personal Assistant told me she apologized that it took so long to contact me but that this CEO starts their days super early and was already on calls solving COVID vaccine availability etc.

She told me that she had read my letter a few times and called to thank me and ask me if she could please share my letter and information I had delivered with the Group Head of Marketing. I said absolutely yes and would be really grateful.

In this letter, I had also written down that if this CEO ever found a slot open in their diary I would like to be in line to fill it. The Personal Assistant said that is going to be tough but she would not forget my request.

I have not closed any deals or had any meetings off the back of my model car campaign but that call that I got at 6h43 in the morning gave me a sense of gratitude that is hard to put in words and that is why I will always be a client of this company.

Like I have read many times – Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end.

I can already feel that gorgeousness and that keeps me pushing boundaries everyday.

Never give up!

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