Speaking with Decision Makers in the Financial Services, Education, EdTech, HealthTech and High-Velocity Insurance Sales businesses, the Build vs. Buy conversation comes up very often but more so from large corporates to enterprise size businesses which makes sense because they are a lot more tech debt heavy than a venture backed start-up.

There is also a lot more red tape in the enterprise world and with most of the discussions we have with enterprise size businesses, who already have “a Lead Management System” are talking to us because what they have, no longer does what the business needs.

If you are considering developing your own Lead Management Solution, I just wanted to share some of the complexities involved where we have learnt and invested a lot into building a global leading Lead Management Solution.

Here are just a few complexities I wanted to share (in no particular order).

  • Security features – permission templates with minute control over access to records, specific fields, specific features etc. 
  • Building a configurable, no code / low code Automation engine and ensuring it scales to large volumes. 
  • Business processes keep changing, so you would want a system where changes can be “configured” with minimal effort and no code changes. The entire Customization, Settings, forms / processes modules have seen dozens of person year investments.
  • Scaling messaging – emails, SMS to large # of recipients is non-trivial
  • Making integration with third party applications easy. Our Lapps framework cuts down the effort and complexity of writing custom code by 50%. All the apps in our marketplace are again significant investments. This also enables our clients to get a unified view of all their customers/prospects/in-active customers in a clean singular view within a few days. 
  • Features required to manage large # of users:
    • Controlling their views, forms, processes centrally
    • Controlling their access to data, manage hierarchy
    • Ability to create / update/ deactivate large # of users
  • Building and managing Android and iOS apps is a huge investment. We have a 25-member team just for mobile apps!
  • In addition, these are ongoing costs:
    • Maintaining a team to fix bugs, add features
    • Resources to deploy changes, monitor production
    • Application security testing and certification. 

We are here to answer any questions or just to be a sound board during your decision making process.

We are obviously really keen to solve your Lead Management requirements for you and just wanted you to know we here to help.

We are an email or a call away with an out-of-the-box Lead Management Solution waiting for you.


071 300 9435

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