Automate customer service with ChatBot

Connect ChatBot with your LeadSquared Account

Our LeadSquared connector connects LeadSquared with your ChatBot Account and helps you track chat activities with current and new leads. ChatBot enables you to chat and interact with users visiting your site to improve the site’s engagement.


Track chat conversations of existing leads under their Activity history.

Capture new leads from conversations on LiveChat.

Assign source to the leads captured.

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Then reach out to us at and we will help you get your LiveChat account connected.

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Automate customer service with ChatBot! Build your first bot today!

ChatBot is a one-in-all solution that lets you create fully operating chatbots. The scenario tree structure and drag and drop interface are very intuitive. Quick Academy lessons can guide you through more complex topics such as capturing user data, using filters and training your bot. You can publish your bot in seconds using one-click integrations with popular messaging apps, and live chat services or just use a Chat Widget.

ChatBot provides the best bot platform for designing, building and deploying conversational chatbots to talk to customers and to provide information to users. With support for one-click integrations with Facebook Messenger and a range of other services, you can run powerful and intelligent bots in no time. ChatBot allows using entities, creating conversational scenarios, and it leverages both Natural Learning Processing and Machine Learning to develop a human-like experience for customers.
Wondering how to increase your conversion rates? With ChatBot it couldn’t be easier. Engage more customers, boost sales and increase customer satisfaction with instant responses.
Take the first steps towards 24/7/364 support with ChatBot!

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