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What is Kasookoo?

Kasookoo is a cloud-based business phone system that works anywhere in powerful desktop and mobile apps. Delivered in a modern-day self-service SaaS model with powerful features and multiple integrations Kasookoo replaces traditional phone systems, transforming user mobility and helping businesses to get more done.

No Card Details. No Contract. No Catch!

Kasookoo Business
Kasookoo business allows you to invite one or more team members to your Kasookoo account. They download the Kasookoo app and instantly start making and receiving calls from your Kasookoo phone number. It’s the ideal way to answer incoming calls, as a team.

Kasookoo works Online & Offline
If you are in poor internet coverage or are out of data credit, Kasookoo network automatically forwards incoming calls to your mobile number at no extra cost to you.

How Kasookoo Works?

We support calls to more than 172 countries

Download the Kasookoo app on your smartphone or computer.

Add your Team

Start making calls.

Save Money on your Telephony

Businesses spend an astonishing amount of money on their phone bills every month. In a 2018 study by Bill Monitor, it was found that 49% of SME’s were spending twice what they needed to on their phone bills.  38,000 SME’s could save £10,000 per year, and on average, businesses overspend by 96% on their phone bills. This is mostly due to businesses buying bundles that include large amounts of minutes that they don’t need, especially when buying business mobiles for their employees.  

There are several ways in which businesses can save money by using Kasookoo rather than traditional phones. The first way is by not using business mobiles. The Kasookoo app can be installed on the existing smartphones and acts as a business mobiles. This gives you a saving of approximately £30 per month per employee. The second way is by avoiding the installation and use of desk phones  and the traditional business phone system. This will save the business around £3000 on the installation, and £15 per month per desk phone. 

This table shows the savings available for businesses based on them having one business mobile and one desk phone per employee:

Number of users

Cost per annum today

Cost using Kasookoo













There is also a saving because all the users consume minutes from a shared pool of minutes, so they only pay for what they need without paying for bundles. Users can be added for free if they are on pay as you go, so no installation cost. International calls are mostly 3p per minute, depending on the destination, and there are no roaming charges. 

About Us

We are a small business, and we know how hard it is to manage teams working remotely. We work with staff, freelancers, contractors, consultants all over the globe. Before we realized, our communications became disparate. Some of us were using Skype, some were using WhatsApp, some were using facetime and whatnot. Outside the company, people were confused about how to reach us. Onboarding a new member was a challenge too, as we had to maintain a spreadsheet of staff and their contacts. (phew!)

This is when we created Kasookoo. A simple phone app “for work”! All our staff use this app, meaning they can keep their personal numbers private (we care about privacy). Any new member can install the app and instantly reach anyone else in the team. Staff can call each other for free regardless of country or location, and when they need to make calls to landline and mobiles, they use the company’s balance.

Now, we can add the phone number of any town, city or country through which our callers can reach us. They don’t have to hunt us down in several places. Rather they call Kasookoo and Kasookoo can hunt the right person!

While others try to make things complex (so that they can charge you more!) we like to keep things simple and affordable. It’s our way of giving back!

That’s why Kasookoo comes with no sneaky charges, no contracts, and no per user fee! We only charge a small fee on number rental and calling rates. You get all our world-class software free! We are proud to say that we use Kasookoo ourselves, and we love it! We hope you like it as much as we do.

At Kasookoo we aim to provide a quality service in the simplest way possible – however, we understand that you may need technical support from time to time.

We have a dedicated support team available by phone, chat and email always.

Contact us, we would love to hear from you!




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