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Conversational Messaging on WhatsApp

Engage better with your customers via WhatsApp with Gupshup API and our Customer Support tool

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WhatsApp API Solutions

One destination, Two paths Choose from below whats suits you the best

WhatsApp Business API

Works best if:

  • You are a developer or have hired a developer
  • You are looking for custom integration of WhatsApp with your tech stack or build a chatbot
  • You are looking to dramatically scale up and automate your customer support and communications with our automate Whatsapp business support.
  • Gupshup’s WhatsApp API is the easiest and quickest way to introduce WhatsApp to your technology stack.
  • The API well-bundled with some advanced features for you lets you do a variety of thing

WhatsApp Customer Support Tool

Our WhatsApp customer support tool is just the right fit for you if you are continuously struggling with customer support queries. Apart from the fact that it helps your customers reach you with their favorite channel, we have some exciting features to help you scale up your customer support


What is WhatsApp Business API and how is it different to WhatsApp Business App you download on your Mobile Device?



Upsell and Cross-sell
  • Product recommendation based on recent purchases  
  • Pre-approval for loans or credit cards  
  • Promote sale events 
  • Share product offers 
  • Share personalised deals or vouchers 
  • Promote new products 
  • ‘Back in Stock’ Alerts 
  • ‘Time for Reorder’ Alerts 
  • Upcoming renewal reminder 
  • New Deal alerts 
Information Alerts
  • Pricing alerts for tracked products, tickets or bookings 
  • Relevant product updates 
  • Service reminders 
Cart Recovery
  • Cart abandonment reminders 
  • Alerts for incoming flight or travel bookings 
  • Promotional deals to complete purchases 

Notifications and Alerts:

You can choose from a range of preapproved templates to send alerts and notifications to your customers. WhatsApp has an average open rate of over 98%, making it most effective among all channels for sending crucial information like air tickets, payment reminder/confirmation, order updates etc.

User onboarding and management

WhatsApp is very deliberate about their users not getting spammed and they have ensured there are enough checks and policies in place. While this works in the favor of a legitimate business, getting user opt-in and managing them is a known pain-point. But don’t worry! We’ve got it covered. Our WhatsApp Business solution or Automate WhatsApp Business gives you an assortment of tools to choose from to bring in opt-ins and further manage them, right on your dashboard

WhatsApp API Solutions

One destination, Two paths Choose from below whats suits you the best

Fully functional sandbox

Gupshup gives you a testing environment loaded with all its features so that you get a hang of the product before going live. The sandbox is an excellent tool to test and validate your WhatsApp strategy. This is also the phase where our highly-responsive devsupport team will handhold you to execute your idea


As messaging becomes the new platform, chatbots naturally becomes the new app. You can automate a huge deal of your processes which includes but is not limited to customer support, onboarding, e-commerce transactions etc. Gupshup’s WhatsApp bot building tool, which is entirely free to use comes handy if chatbot is a part of your strategy

Custom integrations

Do you have a satisfactory CRM tool but would love to add WhatsApp as one of your channels? Gupshup’s WhatsApp APIs just lets you do that. All your routing logic, user management, interface stays just the way it is with an additional channel that has over 1.5 billion users. This is the time to put your ‘go where the user is’ vision into action

Multiple agents

On your single central number you can have multiple agents addressing customer queries and requests. This works in your favor, on multiple levels. You don’t have to manage multiple numbers to scale your support staff and you can now cater to queries 24×7 or have agents solving them at the same time

Intuitive chat screen

We’ve designed our chat screen to ensure there is minimum handholding and training required for support staff. The chat screen that is deliberately inspired by the interface of WhatsApp for web makes it familiar and easy to use. There are additional sections that lets you access analytics, profile information etc

User On-boarding and Management

The tool is also equipped with web-widgets, QR code, etc. to get users on-board. You can also manage these users on the same dashboard with features like labeling, archiving etc.

Pre-determined auto response

You can set auto-responses for customers with common queries. In a more technical sense, they will be bots talking to your customers on your behalf. At any point, the bot is stuck or unable to respond to a question a support staff can take over the conversation. This helps you reduce staff cost and manage traffic in the log run

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